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Attic Find U.S. Waist Belt Rig & Accoutrements
Item #: Z5758
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Z5758 Attic Find U.S. Waist Belt Rig & Accoutrements
Description: Decent local attic find that came out of a house in Shepherdstown, West Virginia. When this was found, it was intact and included a mid to late war US buckle, a percussion cap box, and a partial bayonet scabbard. I have separated the pieces in order to reduce the stress on the leather. This piece is in true "attic” condition and is still covered in dust, grime, etc. It could use a good cleaning!

US Buckle and Belt: Decent original Federal Regulation 1839 pattern "US” waist belt plate with arrow hooks on the reverse. This plate would date mid to late war. All attachment hooks on the back are intact and there are dings, dents, curves from use. The leather belt measures approximately 36”-37” in length. The leather is still pliable and dirty. There is considerable crazing to the outside finish of the leather belt. There is a single leather belt adjustor still attached near the buckle. There are a total of four adjustment holes on the end opposite the buckle.

US Cap Box: Decent original leather cap box. This one measures approximately 3.5” in height and 4” wide. The stitching on the side is still intact and strong. Both belt loops are still affixed to the reverse. The leather closure tab has broken but is located on the inside of the box. The wool interior has been cut out and the vent pick is missing. The inner flap is intact with a little crazing. Overall, the leather is decent for the age of the piece. There is some crazing throughout the entire piece. Based on the square closure flap, I would say this piece is pre-war or early war. This piece is still covered in dirt and grime and would need cleaned.

US Leather Scabbard: Decent, early war scabbard with two rivets. This piece measures approximately 5.5” across as is, and the scabbard is 13.5” in length. The tip of the scabbard has broken off which is common on examples like this. The stitching is still tight on this example and the leather is in poor shape. There is heavy crazing throughout with a small tear in the top of the belt loop on both sides.

It's nice to see things like this still show up locally! Each item will be wrapped carefully for shipment!

Recovered: Shepherdstown, WV Attic

Shipping Weight: 5 lbs
Item # Z5758

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