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Model 1864 Burnside Carbine, 5th Model in .54
Item #: Z5526
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Z5526 Model 1864 Burnside Carbine, 5th Model in .54
Description: Here is a decent Model 1864 Burnside carbine chambered in .54. This is known as the 5th Model to collectors and is a single shot carbine. This example was manufactured by the Burnside Rifle Company in Providence, Rhode Island. The main feature that designates this as a 5th Model, is the presence of a chamber guide screw located in the middle of the right side of the receiver. A little over 40,000 of these carbines were produced and delivered.

As stated above, this is a decent .54 carbine. The walnut stock has dents and dings from service. There is a small 3/4" period repair to the stock right behind the hammer. The forend measures 9.5" in length and has chip out of the right side just below the rear sight. The tip of the forend is a little worn around the edges. Very little casehardening is left, and most parts exhibit an aged brown patina. The same serial number is present on the receiver and breech block. The inside of the breech block hinge is stamped 826 which matches as well.

The lock mechanism and breech block function smoothly with heavy pitting around the nipple and the breech block hinge. There are numerous inspector stamps throughout which include H,R, and L. There are two inspector cartouches on this example. One is GC which stands for George Curtis. The other appears to be LMH or LMA. I have been unable to identify this one. The flip up rear sight is marked 3 and 5 corresponding to yards.

I have not cleaned the bore on this gun. It's in "as found" condition. There is pitting in the bore. The breech is fairly clean, and the pitting gets worse going towards the muzzle. The heaviest pitting is with 3-4" of the muzzle end. The breech block pin has been replaced which is obvious and so has the screw opposite the hammer. The breech block hinge is original to the gun but is cracked. The barrel is partially marked "Cast Steel" and most of the manufacturing marks are worn on the lock plate.

If you are looking for a good representative example that shows honest use and wear, this one may be for you!

Serial Number: 7826
Measures: OAL 39.5” with a 21’ barrel
Reference: "Burnside Breechloading Carbines and Rifles” by Edward Hull Pgs. 97-114

Shipping Weight: 15 lbs
Item # Z5526

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